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Captive Audience - Susan P. Crawford

I learned a lot from Ms. Crawford's in-depth analysis of Comcast's purchase of NBC-Universal.  Of course I am already aware of how the US is stuck with 2nd (and on it's way to 3rd) Tier internet service/speed and overly high prices and that Comcast essentially rules the internet in the US and what goes over it.  I did not know/understand the politics of scarcity that ATT and Verizon are practicing.  They keep gobbling up bandwidth that they really don't need to prevent competition while crying the sky-is-falling.


Hopefully, the US will come to its senses and communities will start laying their own fiber so we won't be at the 'mercy' of Comcast and no 'Net-Neutrality' or any regulation whatsoever.


For a more historical perspective I recommend Tim Wu's "The Master Switch"


If you think the internet, access and speed, will drive the next round of innovation and economic growth in the world then you should be concerned about how the US can compete with such slow speeds and high cost.