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Deal on Connie Willis eBook at BN.com

To Say Nothing About the Dog by Connie Willis is available on bn.com for $1.99.


This is the second book in Ms. Willis' Oxford Time Travel series but can be read first (as I did).  This is a great introduction to her 'trilogy-in-4-books' and the most irreverent.


If you are interested here's the link to the book:




The Doomsday Book, the first in the series and two-book set Blackout and All Clear are also very good, but somewhat more serious.  Ms. Willis is a great story teller and builds suspense as the narration moves back and forth between current events and the travelers in the past.


Her 'time-travel' rules are coherent, consistent and not overly mathematical or technical.  I think of these more as historical fiction than science fiction.