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Converting from Goodreads...sorry for the inconvenience

Ok, BookLikes did a great job importing my books from the above mentioned site, but I still have some clean-up to do which unfortunately will get posted to the main Dashboard page.


Sorry for the inconvenience.


A few things I noticed in this conversion, and was subconsciously aware of, is around 90% of the books I've rated are 4-Stars.  The remaining 10% appear to be evenly split between 3-Stars and 5-Stars.  I have already reconciled a 2-Star is a book I couldn't finish and there not worth rating.  5-Stars I try to be very selective.


The next thing I noticed is where's the d*mn spell check!  I am a great speller but inaccurate typist.  How can we have a blog without spell check!  Sorry if this has already been expounded upon in previous posts.


My reason for switching is for the blog.  I found I wanted to express certain thoughts I have about books and what I'm reading in more general terms than the limitations of a 'review' of a single book.  And then there's the whole Amazon thing.