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Reamde - Wow. Almost a perfect book for me - Great characters, a lot of them, action/suspense, cyber/tech stuff, long, and a very good ending. I would have liked more cyber/tech stuff, but I am just being picky.It is clear Mr. Stephenson is a very good writer. The only other book of his I have read is 'Snow Crash' and it was also very good. At the time however I had just finished William Gibson's 'Virtual Light' (Book 1 of the Bridge Trilogy) and thought the two were very similar. I will go back and read some of Mr. Stephenson's back list.If you are expecting a cyber-punk/techno thriller beware. This is a straightforward action adventure yarn with Al Qaeda Terrorists, MI6, CIA, Russian Mafia, ex-Soviet Special Forces, Hungarian hackers and the necessary innocent bystanders caught up in the whole mess.