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Doomsday Book - 5/14/2013: "Dooms Day Book" is the second book I've read by Ms. Willis. It is also the second book in the Oxford Time Travel series I have read.First, Ms. Willis is an excellent writer.Second, while the Oxford Time Travel series is categorized as 'Science Fiction' think of them as a history lesson. An entertaining history lesson. "Dooms Day Book" reflects a comedy of errors in the current (future) time against a historian travelling back to an English village in Middle Ages where it is anything but a comedy."Dooms Day Book" is the first in Oxford Time Travel series, followed by "To Say Nothing of the Dog" (Victorian England and a farce) then by the duopoly of "Blackout" and "All Clear" (WWII). Before completing "Dooms Day Book" I bought both "Blackout" and "All Clear".While I enjoyed both the books I have read immensely, I was drawn first to "To Say Nothing of the Dog" because of the Victorian setting (and the title, of course!). I was hesitant about "Dooms Day" because the Middle/Dark Ages does not interest me. But Ms. Willis is great with character development and interesting sub-plot lines (In the current/future time, the touring American Bell Ringers stopping in Oxford is genius) that draws you in.I am not all that interested in WWII either, but I will trust Ms. Willis to take me on another adventure.