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G. Norman Lippert - James Potter Series

James Potter and the Morrigan Wet - G. Norman Lippert

If you are a big fan of Harry Potter I strongly recommend trying G. Norman Lippert's James Potter Series.


The Morrigan Web is James' 4th year at Hogwarts.  I have read the previous three and they are outstanding.


As these books are 'fan fiction' and under copyright protection Mr. Lippert's work is free.


Here is the link to the eBooks and their various versions - epub, pdf, kindle.





There is also a link for you to buy Mr. Lippert a 'cup of coffee' if you enjoy his work!  I did; better late than never.


I also highly recommend his novellas "Girl on the Dock" (Part of the James Potter Series, but does not take place at Hogwart's or includes any of Ms. Rowling's characters) and Flyover Country (not part of the 'Potterverse').


You may also find his original work at lulu.com