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Infomocracy - Malka Older

The world has evolved where we have distributed governments based on population densities of 100K called Centenals. In large cities you may only need to walk a block to change governments.


Elections are held once every 10 years and it's election time. And someone is trying to manipulate the outcome.


As a political thriller it's 3-stars. From a technical perspective a four star. The future created here is not dystopian. It is just very different. The divisions of cities into micro-governments is interesting and similar to the set up in "The City & the City" by China Mieville. But with open borders.


At it's heart the book is about big data. Ms. Older created an all 'data'-encompassing agency called Information. They are responsible for managing the elections and managing all content for everyone. This is not an 'evil' organization but one that has access to all the data. In the world. And it is the data that the answers to the questions reside.