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Purity: A Novel - Jonathan Franzen

There are many forms of purity - Mind, Heart, Soul, etc...and most of the characters ruin the 'purity' of those they love, whether intentional or not.


Mr. Franzen creates great characters and his prose is fantastic. I never felt he hurried anything nor did I want him to. I just kept reading.


Near the end Mr. Franzen presents his philosophy regarding the internet and privacy and secrets. I do not agree with Mr. Franzen's assessment that the internet causes loss of purity. Nor am I sure I totally understand his philosophy regarding the internet and purity and secrets.


Mr. Franzen excels at writing couples hurting each other; they love each other but can no longer stand to be together. In Mr. Franzen's world love does not last forever; true closeness to another person exacts a price that must be paid.


And what is it with some of the characters having stomach/bowel issues? There seems to be a theme here but I can't figure it out.


I will certainly read "Corrections" and "Freedom". If for no other reason than just in case he creates another character like Purity Tyler.