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The God of Lost Things - G. Norman Lippert

This is a good collection of 5 short stories.


Mr. Lippert is best known for his James Potter series. Yes, that James Potter.


I really like Mr. Lippert. I found him quite accidentally on Goodreads. In the summer of 2011 I was poking around some links regarding Harry Potter and hit upon James Potter. And I discovered Mr. Lippert had written two James Potter (Harry's eldest son) books.


And they were free.


And they were very, very good.


He also wrote 'The Girl on the Dock' and 'Flyover Country'. The former set in a magical universe similar to Potter and the latter was completely original; and also very good.

'the god of lost things' is a collection of 5 short stories.  Not as good as the two above nor James Potter, but Mr. Lippert clearly has talent. I also have 'The Riverhouse' which I will read later this year.


I have the selfish goal of doing my part to support Mr. Lippert so he finishes the fifth and (very sadly) final installment of his James Potter series (skipping years 5 and 6).


Give Mr. Lippert a chance; try the first James Potter novel, "James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing" for free and then get 'The Girl on the Dock' and 'Flyover Country'. They are inexpensive and in .pdf