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The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco

This has been on my 'to-read' list for 30 years. Within the last year "The Name of the Rose" popped up on sale from one of my eBook crawlers; I bought it and there it sat in Calibre.


When I read Mr. Eco passed away and I realized I had put off reading "The Name of the Rose" long enough.


A murder mystery in a 14th century abbey. An abbey with an amazing library and monks with a past.


I enjoyed the story/mystery and appreicate the penchant of medieval minds to believe in ghosts or other religious phantasia to drive the plot.


But, there is too much around the mulititude of Catholic sub-sects and papal politics that I know nothing about.


I experienced the same lack of background knowledge when I read "Barchester Towers" by Anthony Trollope about the Church of England in the 18th Century.