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Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood

This is the first Margaret Atwood novel I've read. The MaddAddam series keeps raising its head on many sites I frequent because I read a lot of dystopian fiction. I blame William Gibson's "Neuromancer" for my inclination to this genre (and cyber/techno punk).


I will save for another day a my thoughts about why dystopian fiction is a popular genre, particularly with the YA population.


Ms Atwood sets up a very interesting universe and a more interesting lexicon to go with it. She uses combinations of words in such a manner that you cannot readily tell when the first one ends and the second one begins. At least that is the way it seems to me; example "pleebrats'. I appreciate word-play.


The novel flows backwards and forwards in time to tell the story of Jimmy (Snowman) and his relationship with Oryx and Crake. There is not a lot of hard science here and no back story as to how the 'corporate-compound' economy was formed but that is intentional and without those elements I found the story to be straight forward and not complex.