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2666 - Natasha Wimmer, Roberto Bolaño


While I canot call Mr. Bolano's last work "2666" profound it was very different.


The book is made up of 5 disparate sections which are only connected via a multitude of female murders in Santa Teresa Mexico. The fourth section of the novel is an accounting of the murders (serial killings) from 1993 to 1997.


This section, 'The Part About the Crimes', was the most challenging to read and the most interesting narrative style: a chronological listing of the murders with other stories, relating to some of the murders, woven within this listing. You have no idea what the relevance of these stories maybe to the murders, if any. And there are a lot of murders.


While I enjoyed Mr. Bolano's writing and stories I am left somewhat empty after completing "2666'. That's probably just me.


I have added Mr. Bolano's earlier work, "The Savage Detectives" to my wish list.