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The Water Knife: A novel - Paolo Bacigalupi

So, I was thinking "The Water Knife: was not as complex [Read 'as good'] as "The Windup Girl", and as such not as good. Then I went back and read my comments (I would not call what I do a 'review') and saw I gave "The Windup Girl" three stars.


And here I am. "The Water Knife" is straight forward thriller in the West-Southwest US set in near future where water rights are the life of a city/state.


While the book is classified in the sub-genre of 'cli-fi' I did not find it overbearing. The stimulus of dystopia in fiction changes as the threats to our culture change. Dickens is remembered as a social commentator but many of his works exacerbated the industrial revolution's pollution and government much in the same way as today's dystopian novels.


Then what about all the great dystopian fiction during the Cold War and nuclear holocaust? "On The Beach", "Dr. Strange Love" and yes, "Planet of the Apes".


Don't let a good book go unread just because of you may not agree/believe the cause of the dystopia.