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Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro

I have had this on my 'to read' list for several years and with Mr. Ihsiguro's recent release it came back to mind and I read it.


This is set in a very similar yet very different world than our own. The protagonist and her friends were all created around 1970.


It is difficult to write this and not give away too much of the plot. The important point is the context in which the book is written.


From that of Kathy H.


As she tells her story from her time growing up at school to the present a sense of dread builds.


We are never told about any of the science behind this world nor what the rest of this 'alternate' world is like. Kathy doesn't know these things; Kathy and her friends are not like everyone else. They are special and have a purpose.


This book was very unsettling to me. The straight forwardness of Kathy's narrative never questions anything about how they are and their purpose. This 'acceptance' is what unsettled me; and would I consent to live in a world like this.